Introduction to Club Bonus

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our players and give them an extraordinary dive into our world of Rummy games. We have something unique stored for every player, irrespective of their levels, in our action-packed platform. Club offers are exclusive to the clubs our players, You, belong to. Each club comes with its unique set of surprise offers and bonuses. If you are a beginner player, trying to figure out your way through our application, we will assist you in uncovering what we have in store for you at each club level.

How does the Club Bonus work?

At Rummy777, we have custom-made offers for every club level. As mentioned above, the club offers are exclusive to the clubs our players belong to. Our different levels come with their unique concoction of rewards and bonuses. Wondering how to jump-start your way into availing these offers? Let’s take a quick look at how to earn club bonuses.

Step 1: Use our level-specific Promo code
Step 2: Add Cash
Step 3: Enjoy the rewards

Club Bonus Structure

Table 1:
ClubOffer PeriodPromo CodeBonus %Max BonusClub Coupons per Month
Bronze BRONZE50K  2
Silver SILVER30K  3
Gold GOLD40K  4
Platinum PLATINUM777  5
VIP Classic CLASSIC50K  10
VIP Premium    15
VIP Royale    20
Terms and Conditions
  1. This club offer is valid for club players who are depositing cash during the offer period with the promo code.
  2. The maximum bonus amount will be as mentioned in the club bonus table for each club.
  3. This offer is valid for only one deposit made by the player by using the promo code during the offer period.
  4. If a player is found using unfair means or practices, his/her account will be blocked as per management decisions.
  5. The management’s decision will be final and binding if any disputes arise during this promotion.
  6. Rummy777 has the right to suspend/postpone/terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  7. Standard Rummy777 terms and conditions will be applied.
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